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NYC BEAUTY BLOG Club Clio professional


Recently, walking in New York, I came across a shop with cosmetics early I was not familiar Referring turned out, this cosmetics "Club Clio professional" (Korean production) .It is popular in NYC.YA decided to find out why!

The next day I had to try a new brand and was very pleased !!
The first means that I poprobovala -  "Goodal oil plus Skin"
$ 48
This oil has helped me not only moisturize the skin but also to equalize the tone of the face, making it the most shining!
I do like the effect of freshness and coolness on his face !!
I very much liked the base under makeup.
good primer, evens tone and closes the pores of my least favorite!
"CLIO Highest Kill Cover Wear Primer
                                                                                        $ 42
And then I made my most favorite product checker and konsiller!
"Kamaflage foundation"
$ 38
I believe that it is of the best I've tried in the past vremya.B this brand need to purchase this particular korrektor.On perfectly lays down to the skin, all the flaws Maskrey, 100% aligns the tone of the face, held throughout the day. That is why it is called "Kamaflage foundation",
now it's just the best tool in my cosmetics.


 I very much liked the flickering shadows.  "CLIO Pro Single Shadow"  $ 18.  Of course, I still tell you about all the separate brands, where there are shadows with blestkami.Etim shadows you can put 10 out of 10.


 Highlighter   "Peripera heart glow stick" $ 28  is a sticker. Amazingly fit any type kozhi.Ya not really like highlighter in a dry form, but in the sticker I really like. Highlighter gives you extra glow kozhi.Vy can use it for both day and evening.


" CLIO Waterproof Turnliner Twisturn "$ 25

This cosmetics is saturated pigments and has a unreal resistance.
Must buy 
oil "Goodal oil plus skin",
Correctors "Kamaflage foundation",
CLIO Pro Single Shadow title 
Highlighter name
Liner CLIO Waterproof Turnliner Twisturn

Anna Litova